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A Kingdom Hearts Crack RP :D

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Note: This community is still new, so I'm still getting things set up! Sorry 'bout that! ^^;;

Welcome! Somehow, you have found your way to the OMG!Kingdom Hearts RP! :D Like those other OMG!RPs listed over at omg_omg... This is a Kingdom Hearts RP, with two versions of each character: an IC ((In-Character)) and OOC ((Out-of-Character)) character!

Basically, Ansem was trying to clone the Heartless in order to reproduce them quicker, but something went wrong and a clone of EVERYONE was made! The clones, however, are polar opposites of their originals. Who knows what'll happen when they come face to face? Well, that's the whole point of the RP!

1. KH and CoM characters only. That's right, no KH2 characters. Besides, how the hell would we know what they act like?
If this place is still alive by the time KH2 comes out here, then KH2 characters will be accepted. Don't get your hopes up...
*Cough* Unless your KH2 character is in a different game, like Tifa from FFVII and Yuna from FFX. They're okay. :D *Cough*
Only FF characters, though. :0
2. No god-modding or Mary Sues ((unless you want your OOC to act that way XD)). That's just a given.
3. No chatspeak.
4. RPs take place either here on LJ ((in your character journal; first person)) or on a messenger program ((AIM, Y!M, MSN; third person)).
5. When you're writing in your character journal, write it as if it were a normal journal: No emoticons or asterisk-actions.
When you're commenting, though, you can write it as a normal first person story, with, y'know, quotation marks and all that stuff. XD
6. Keep your character IC/OOC! Don't make IC!Ansem start getting friendly with Sora, or having IC!Aerith start randomly cussing people out! o_o
That'd be perfect for the OOCs, though. XDDD
7. You can start off with two characters. However, you can't be both the OOC and the IC version of a character.
Mods get three characters. 'Cuz we're special that way. 8D *Killed* XDDD
You may have three characters once the mods think you're worthy enough. XDDDD
8. Please put an av of your character on your character journal! It's just less confusing that way. XDD

IC!Sora - __eternal_light // friendships
IC!Riku - [No character journal yet] // serpentgamer
IC!Kairi - available
IC!Ansem - available
IC!Namine - available
IC!Cloud - angstcloud // airiechan
IC!Aerith - personalcandle // talim
IC!Leon - available
IC!Yuffie - available
IC!Cid - available
IC!Sephiroth - available
IC!Tidus - available
IC!Selphie - available
IC!Wakka - available
IC!Axel - available
IC!Marluxia - available
IC!Larxene - available
IC!Vexen - available
IC!Lexaeus - available
IC!DiZ - available
IC!Zexion - available
IC!Riku Replica - available

OOC!Sora - [No character journal yet] // serpentgamer
OOC!Riku - idiot_blindfold // friendships
OOC!Kairi - lovedbyducks // koyuki_hime
OOC!Ansem - darknessoveruse // friendships
OOC!Namine - [No character journal yet] // koyuki_hime
OOC!Cloud - _thecloudsong // koyuki_hime
OOC!Aerith - available
OOC!Leon - leon_on_sugar // airiechan
OOC!Yuffie - [No character journal yet] // sakurafae_
OOC!Cid - available
OOC!Sephiroth - keel_u_ded // wonton
OOC!Tidus - available
OOC!Selphie - paopumafia // talim
OOC!Wakka - available
OOC!Axel - available
OOC!Marluxia - available
OOC!Larxene - available
OOC!Vexen - available
OOC!Lexaeus - available
OOC!DiZ - available
OOC!Zexion - available
OOC!Riku Replica - available

Hey, you can be any character not listed here, too, if they're in KH or CoM. I probably just forgot. XD;;
And I'm too lazy to list down the Disney characters. XD

Saw a character you wanted? Go here to apply! :D

This RP's current mods are Amanda ((friendships)) and Magi ((koyuki_hime))! Go to them... Uhh... If you need help... Or... Well, something like that. XDDD