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OMG!Kingdom Hearts

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Sora-chan Designs

Welcome to Magicker Icons, an icon journal for two girls named Magi (pronounced Maggie) and Amanda. We mainly make icons, but from time to time we'll post layouts, FO banners, and other things.

1. Credit, don't edit.
2. This isn't a must-do, but comments are always nice. We like to know that people like our avatars, and can always use some helpful hints.
3. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Constructive criticism is nice, but no flaming.
4. Referring back to rule one, please credit in either the keywords or comments area if you snag an icon.
5. Textless icons aren't bases unless we say they are.

Magicker Icons's current layout features the infamous love triangle from Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Kairi, and Riku. Why? Because it's Amanda's OT3. XD
The layout was coded by Amanda, with a little help from LJLayouts.org. Images are from the KH2 intro FMV because Amanda luffs it. XD
The text used in the header was inspired by the other community Magi and Amanda co-maintain: anime_pwnage. This layout was originally for use on there, but Magi didn't want Amanda making another KH layout for it. But Amanda just decided to use this here, because she wanted the layout up. XD;;
About, Rules, and such were written by Magi unless otherwise stated. Amanda just re-used them for the layout. 8D

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Mod post, wut. [07 Feb 2006|06:26pm]

WAH. I'M A BAD MOD. >_>;;

You guys... We, like, need to get this RP active. 'Cuz I don't like the fact that the very first RP I started is... Dead. >_>

Iunno, update your journals, post some open logs, RP with people on AIM/MSN/Y!M... Come on, people. Please?

... Yeah, that's all for now. Hopefully you guys will see this and do something. ^^;;

EDIT: Oh... And regarding the timeline... This is post-CoM, though it doesn't follow KH2's storyline, or even all of CoM's.
Larxene, Marluxia, Zexion, Lexaeus, Vexen, Repliku, Ansem, and anyone else that's deceased are all alive (let's just say Sora and/or Riku thought they killed them, but they somehow survived); Sora and co. have retained their memories from Castle Oblivion (like, they remember Naminé)... You get what I'm saying.
... Hey, it's a crack RP, wut.
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Friends Add List [24 Jan 2006|08:17pm]

Well, about time someone woke up this comm ((thanks Cara XD;;))!

Anyways... Here's the friends add list thingy! XD

In order for the characters to be aware of what's been going on, they've gotten a hold of these little chat program-like devices that they can use to communicate with each other! Each character has their own unique username, which is used to identify them through the devices.

All that aside, go here while you're logged in as your character journal(s) and paste the following~~

Now... Let's try to be more active, shall we? :D

May I suggest starting threads in this comm, and shamelessly pimping in other places? XD;;

~ Amanda
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Applications [20 Dec 2005|01:51pm]

Okay, everyone! Saw an available character that you wanted on the list? Well, you've come to the right place! Just fill out this simple application, and we'll ((that'd be myself and the other mods)) see if you're fit to play that character!
And don't worry, all comments will be screened. ^_^

We look forward to your applications~~ :D
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